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  1. A depression in which water collects, especially one where wild animals come to drink.
  2. A part of the electromagnetic spectrum, between the regions where hydrogen and hydroxyl radiate, that is relatively quiet in terms of radio astronomy.


depression in which water collects
  • Finnish: vesikuoppa
part of the electromagnetic spectrum
  • Finnish: vesikuoppa

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A waterhole, can refer to:
  • In Australia, a waterhole is a permanent source of water, particularly in the desert. It is usually a deep hole in rock that has filled with rainwater or is fed by the Great Artesian Basin, water beneath the ground in Central Australia. Knowledge of waterhole locations was very important to Australian Aborigines' survival in the desert.
  • In Africa, it is a semi-artificial body of water. Through the action of topography, water collects to make mud pits in low areas in veldt regions that also play host to elephants. Elephants turn these damp low spots into muddy wallows, and through consistent use carry off more of the earth from the low point, deepening it steadily until it holds open water. As long as this use continues, the waterhole persists, and becomes a regular gathering spot for veldt animals to slake their thirst, and potentially to provide sustenance to predators who wait around or in the waterhole. Large migrating herds can completely surround a waterhole, and it is not uncommon to see completely normally unassociated animals rubbing shoulders.
  • waterhole or watering hole may also mean a meeting place to drink alcoholic beverages, such as a pub or bar.
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